Using wordpress to post about coding

There’s a good post on CSS-Tricks about using wordpress to post code, which is all I plan to use this blog for. Here is a summary of what I did.

Post Using Markdown

  • This makes it easier to post code without having to worry about the editor messing up your post. Sidenote: I think WordPress is great, but I hate the editor, because it's always messing with you.
  • Installed the Jetpack plugin. Note that you have to turn on Markdown in the Jetpack settings
  • Turned off the visual editor (Users>Your Profile>Disable Visual Editor)
  • Installed Markdown Quicktags
  • There is a guide for using markdown here


I downloaded Prism and included the css and js file in my theme.

To post some code

<?php put_code_here(); ?>

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