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SQL Comparison operations ( =, <>, !=, <, >, <=, >=) with NULL

Published February 26, 2017

I had question about what would be returned from this query

SELECT `name` FROM `customer` WHERE `date` <> '05/05/10'

Here was the table:

John Smith null
Mary Smith 05/05/10
Joe Allen 02/16/10

I had to take a pause at that. I had no idea if John Smith would be returned.

Turns out that NULL is never *equal* to another value.

It is also never *not equal* to another value.

NULL is basically like "I have no idea" when it comes to comparisons.

The way to return both John Smith and Joe Allen would be


SELECT `name` FROM `customer` WHERE `date` <> '05/05/10' OR `date` IS NOT NULL